It’s Time to Sever Ties With Cable

It’s Time to Sever Ties With Cable

DISH TV installation for Monroe, NC and beyond

If you’re ready to dump your cable company for good, turn to Trans-World Satellites for DISH Network TV installation.
Our technicians have been helping homeowners in Monroe and surrounding areas reap the rewards of satellite TV for 30 years.
We’ll review your budget, determine how many televisions and people you have in your home, and find out which channels you watch the most. This will allow us to recommend the right plan for you.

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Your customized program package is a phone call away

All of the DISH Network TV packages offered by Trans-World Satellites come with a two-year price guarantee, plus:

  • Free standard installation
  • Free HD for life
  • Free premium channels for three months
  • 6,500 free on-demand titles
  • Free six month DISH protection plan

We also offer:

  • Spanish-language packages
  • Sports packages
  • International packages
  • Premium packages
  • Voice-activated remotes
  • The Hopper

Get in touch with Trans-World Satellites, serving Monroe and surrounding areas, as soon as possible.